Funktion-One Dance Stack®

The Funktion-One Dance Stack® is a state of the art loudspeaker system designed specifically for the club world. Other clubs that use Funktion-One include HEAVEN in London and CIELO in New York. Berlin’s legendary techno club, BERGHAIN, has Dance Stacks® like those in Connections. 

Funktion-One’s innovative and efficient designs deliver clear, involving sound without the harshness often associated with more conventional approaches. Their speaker systems offer an unprecedented level of power combined with breathtaking transparency and purity with a strongly eye catching visual aesthetic.

Main room:

  • 2 x F1 DS210 Dual 10”/1” mid-high/high speaker 2 x F1 DS15 Low/mid 15” speaker
  • 6 x F1 F218 Mk2 Dual 18” bass speaker
  • 1 x MC2 T1500 Stereo power amplifier
  • 2 x MC2 T2000 Stereo power amplifier
  • 4 x MC2 T3500 Stereo power amplifiers
  • 1 x XTA DP448 Digital processor
  • 1 x Rane MP44 Classic analog DJ mixer
  • 1 x Allen & Heath Xone:92 DJ mixer
  • 3 x Pioneer CDJ2000 CD players
  • 2 x Technics SL1200MkII turntables

Lounge bar:

  • 6 Fulcrum Acoustic MR-22 Dual 12” reference monitors
  • 1 x MC2 T1500 Stereo power amplifiers
  • 1 x MC2 T2000 Stereo power amplifiers
  • 1 x XTA DP424 Digital processor
  • 1 x Allen & Heath Xone:92 DJ mixer
  • 2 x Pioneer CDJ2000 CD players
  • 3 x Technics SL1200MkII turntables


Above the dance floor we have:

  • A fully working retro-tech analogue lighting grid, with 64 pinspots casting chases of perfectly spaced columns of light directly down onto the dance floor.
  • 8 Mac 101s throwing bright narrow beams of colourful light as they move around.
  • 8 MX10s around the outside of the dance floor and a cluster of 6 in the centre.
  • 6 Volkslicht LED wash lights.
  • 2 Atomix strobes (just to throw you off guard).
  • 2 Unique Viper high mass smoke machines

At Connections we have full production shows, drag shows, lesbian mud wrestling and music acts which take place on our fully functional stage that comes complete with a dressing room, shower, rigging points with motorised chain blocks and a show curtain. The show curtain opens to reveal a back wall that has:

  • 16 LED Fusion bars to add even more sparkle to the room.
  • Another 8 Mac 101s on the floor casting beams of light to the ceiling.
  • 4 Mac 250s scanning the crowd the entire length of the room.
  • 4 dual blinders.

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