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Tim Brown

DJing Style: Eclectic and broad, I really just love music and can be moved by anything from a girl with a guitar to lush, string laden disco, from a stripped back, minimal house track to a great big, dirty, squelchy electronics breaks track. But it's gotta have soul. That's non-negotiable. It's gotta make you feel, get an emotional response and make you wanna move. Even if it's just shaking your hips at the bar...

Since: The early 14th century

Signature Song “The Boss” Diana Ross

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DJing Style: I rarely play one style of music during a Terrace set, choosing to mix it up between funk, soul, disco, beats, soulful house both new and old.

Since: 1995

Signature Song “Superstition” Stevie Wonder

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DJing Style: Passionate about getting your tooshy moving through funky house, disco, electro and funky retro nuggets. All about the vocals and smooth sounds.

Since: 2002

Signature Song Rock with you - MJ

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Mama Cass

DJing Style: I like to take you on a journey in funk, soul, rare groove and disco originals with cheeky detours through nu disco and house.

Since: 2000

Signature Song "Outstanding" The Gap Band

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DJing Style: I like more stripped down commercial house tracks so I can layer two or three tracks together to build a unique new dance floor-filling monster.

Since: 1984, started at connections 2000

Signature Song “Unfinished Symphony” by Massive Attack

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Kapitol P

DJing Style: Spinning exclusively 100% Vinyl, my style moves effortlessly through funk, disco, pop/rock, reggae, soul, hip hop, party breaks and house. It's music for music lovers and those who like to move to a new groove spiced with the roots of where it all came from. It's real live classic, timeless DJing.

Since: 1991

Signature Song The one that disconnects your feet from thought.

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Classic disco anthems, bouncy 80s grooves, soulful house throwbacks, and really anything with a catchy vocal or melody that’s been getting stuck in my head.



Since: 2013

Signature Song "Sure Shot" by Tracy Weber

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Hello Sailor

Hailing from the cool coast of Western Australia Hello Sailor samples classic vocal house irresistible disco re-edits and de...ep nautical grooves.

Previously a resident DJ at the internationally renowned cocktail den Luxe Bar this sailor continues to make waves taking his signature nautical beats to the cabana cool Matisse Beach Club, The Breakwater and the iconic Connections Nightclub.

Bearing his signature Breton stripes, Hello Sailor will cruise through the Perth summer creating the perfect soundscape for poolside indulgences, cocktail soirees and nautical escapades.

Since: 2013

Signature Song "100% Pure Love" by Crystal Waters

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Classic and futuristic rnb, forgotten pop gems with a Caribbean undercutrrent.

Since: 2012

Signature Song "Shy Guy" by Diana King

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