Perth's most divine divas and poptastic performances.

Barbie Q Coals

BarbieQ hit the Perth gay scene hard after winning a talent quest in 1998.

Trained in dance from 13 years old she soon got a name for herself as "the bitch that can dance" and hit everything with high energy. She took a break as she set off to the USA from 2005-2010 to pursue her dancing career as a man and travelled the world. With an offer she couldn't refuse, Connections Nightclub snatched her back up as the resident drag queen and the head of the production shows, which dazzle our crowds today! 

Since: 1998

Idols Dolly Parton, Madonna, P!nk, Kylie Minogue and other performers.

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Sheila Man

A high fashion recovering alcoholic. She would rather throw an ashtray at you then hop on stage, but when she does it's ALWAYS entertaining! From old school drag comedy acts to high energy dance routines, this queen delivers one hell of an entertaining performance.

Since: 2001

Idols Shirley Manson, Gwen Stefani and Alexander McQueen.

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Val Nourished

Host of Lesbian Mud Wrestling since 2004, worked anywhere and everywhere. Done everything amd everyone. Mistaken for Sophie Monk and also a clown from a Horror story! Versatile looks, flawless make-up, 46 storey hair and a Thai installed arse that'd bowl you over.

Since: 2002

Idols Mariah Carey, Bette Midler & Lizzy Chirpsworth.

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Feminem The-Future

Most performers put on a dress and mime to the first camp song they think will please the adoring crowd. Not Feminem! Being behind the DJ decks was where it all began. For Feminem, a combination of unapologetic attitude and fierce musical numbers she got the attention from more then an adoring audience. Starting her drag career in Sydney in 2005, she performed up and down Oxford St before moving to Perth in late 2007 and taking home the GLAMMY for Best Entertainer in 2009.

Since: 2005

Idols Whitney, Mariah, Celine

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Hannah Conda

In 2010, a very impressionable young man stumbled across the amazing world of DRAG! After five minutes of performing, Hannah was hooked and found an undying love of this fascinating art form. From hosting her own night and performing regularly on the drag circuit, Hannah has been able to find a way to turn a hobby into what she hopes is a long career. Hannah likes to think of herself as a fearless, creative, dedicated and hardworking performer who is always aiming to give her audiences what they want while still remaining true to her own passions.


In 2015 Hannah made the big decision to sashay to Sydney in order to further her drag career. While she may be an east coast sister now, we still love to call her our own!

Since: 2010

Idols There's so many! OTHER DRAG QUEENS! I am constantly inspired by Raven, Sharon Needles. P!nk, Dita Von Teese, Amanda Lepore, the Disney Princesses.

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Ruby Jewelz

After losing interest in becoming a professional dancer, Ruby saw her first drag show in 2009 and decided to give it a go. Years on and she has never looked back, becoming one of the most promising rising talents of late. Being a makeup artist by trade, she loves the makeup side of drag, and really takes pride in her looks and the way that makeup helps her to express herself.

Since: 2009

Idols Barbie Q, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Rihanna.

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After winning Queen of the Court in 2011, a an influence of some 80's clubkids, sicko cross dressers and my spirit tranimal, took over my body to create the ever changing art exploration and experimenter that is Ginava. I'm not a drag queen, I'm a cross dressing mess! My love for sh***y drag make up, scrap costumes, knotty wigs, face paint and my own inner dark thoughts, has lead to the creation of the fabulous collective of performing queens GENDERMESS. Where will my spirit tranimal take me now? 

Since: 2011

Idols My parents, Leigh Bowery, Bjork and Hot Gossip.

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Scarlet Adams

A glamour girl at heart, Scarlet likes to keep it classy and sexy. But with a flair for comedy and clown lips the girl knows how to werk a crowd. 

Since: 2011

Idols Rupaul, Whitney Houston, Kylie Minogue.

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Katya Kokov

Small, girly, crazy little pocket rocket! I love being in pin-up fashion, two-piece outfits or anything sexy (but not trashy!) I love the idea of being able to bend the concept of "female beauty." 

Since: 2011

Idols Raquel Reed, Christina Aguilera, Kylie Minogue, Marilyn Monroe, Dita Von Teese.

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Veronica Jean Jones

Veronica has worked her way to the top of the drag ladder, working at various venues in Perth. Known for her over-the-top personality and crude humour, VJJ is a larger than life character taking inspiration from pop culture, Asia, music and fashion.

Since: 2011

Idols Drag queens of the world, RuPaul, 2ne1 and Girls Generation

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Fay Rocious

Growing up in dance classes and the theatre from a young age she Fay performing current pop charts as well as smashing a musical theatre number! Having a not so healthy obsession with horror movies Fay is not afraid to stand out with crazy one of a kind looks but is also armed with and eye for style and technique to showcase show girl eleganza!

Since: 2012

Idols Beyonce, The Used, Lady Gaga, Therry Muglar, The Blonds, Horror Films and Marilyn Monroe!

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Delvira Midnight

Since: 2011

Idols Cher, Elvira Mistress of the Dark & Celine Dion

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